Glitchy Bitches NFT Sale

Glitchy Bitches: A Visually Morphing Social NFT Project

The Glitchy Bitches Project is a collection of 10,101 digital art collectibles (NFTs) brought to you by XX, and led by a well-known female artist under the pseudonym ‘Berzerk’.

Each GB is unique. All of the art was hand drawn by Berzerk, who was also responsible for the project’s art direction. Four other participating well-known artists have anonymously contributed one transparent digital layer each to the project. After developing dozens of custom, aesthetic heuristics, Berzerk algorithmically generated the full collection of Glitchy Bitches from over 420 explicit traits, and hundreds more implicit traits. Traits include body position, hair style, eye color, bitch quotient, accessories, objects, chest size, and more. In other words, all these bitches slay, but some slay with a rarer style than others.

The Glitchy Bitches are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum network and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof). Purchasing a Glitchy Bitches NFT costs XX ETH.

This is the first project where the visual identity and rarity of the artworks are not predetermined; rather both visual identity and rarity will evolve over time as participants make choices about the art that best represents their Glitchy Bitch. Once the final GBT is burnt, likely many years from the origin of the project, the GBs will be finalized forever.

Fair Distribution: No bonding curve

The Glitchy Bitches NFT project does not use a bonding curve. All Glitchy Bitches cost XX ETH. We do not support price tiers; all participants pay the same price.

Glitchy Bitches Tokens (GBTs): Your mechanism to visually change your GB

By holding a Glitchy Bitches NFT, you earn 10 GBTs (Glitchy Bitches Tokens) daily. The GBT is your only mechanism for making visual change requests of your GB via the Ethereum blockchain. Once you earn 1,830 GBTs (over about six months), you can burn GBTs and ask your GB to morph into a new version of herself. All possible versions of your GB are unique, meaning no other GB participant can change their GB such that it becomes a duplicate of a version of your GB. As a GB holder, you effectively join the art team as curators who get to decide the GB’s best look. But be warned – some of these bitches are glitchy, which just makes them more rare. All GBs have a BQ, or bitch quotient, which shapes their response in surprising ways when you try to change them. After ten years, on XX date and time, the last GBT will get emitted. Thereafter, supply will decrease and eventually, when the last GBT burns, the art piece will be finalized.

Participants in the initial 14 days receive a year’s worth of GBTs (3660, or the equivalent of two visual change requests). 

Distribution: 14 days or until sold out

Buyers will not know what Glitchy Bitches NFT they purchase for the first 14 days of the sale. All Glitchy Bitches NFTs have been generated, but not yet indexed. To maintain a fair distribution, there is a predetermined sequence of Glitchy Bitches, but which one will be the first only gets determined at the end of the sale based on a random on-chain mechanism [LINK].

The distribution period begins at TIME on DAY (TIME ZONE). After 14 days, or whenever all of the Glitchy Bitches are sold (whichever is earlier), the sale concludes and your specific GBs are revealed. If unsold after the reveal phase, the sale continues such that: a) All portraits are revealed, so you know which one you are buying, and b) there will be no bonus GBT after the end of the initial 14 day period.

Roadmap Activations

Recoup costs / airdrops / merch store / community / puzzle + treasure hunt / goodies / liquidity pool

The reveal event was occurred. You can buy tokens after reveal on the gallery page. Buy through Gallery
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