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Glitchy Bitches are fierce forces that help you let shit go and grow more creative mojo. The 10,101 unique GB NFTs are emotional alchemists or muses intended to help their holders process difficult or painful experiences (of their own or of people they know) and turn them into creative fuel that generates something new and beautiful.

This is the first project where the final visual identity and rarity of the collection is not predetermined; rather these evolve over time as GB holders make visual choices about their NFTs. All of the art was first hand drawn by GBAE. By iteratively sampling from the state space of one hundred and thirty five septillion (1.35e26) unique possible GBs, she developed dozens of custom, computational aesthetic heuristics. This iterative exploration led her to hand tune these heuristics to produce a final algorithm that ultimately generated the desired collection of 10,101 Glitchy Bitches from 420 explicit traits, and hundreds of additional implicit traits. Traits include body position, hair style, eye color, accessories, objects, chest size, BQ (like IQ or EQ, except this is BQ for bitchiness quotient), and more.

Each GB NFT includes six inseparable sisters, all of whom are unique from each other as well as from the entire GB collection. NFT holders get to elect the ‘head sister’ by choosing among the GB’s six portraits via the GB website (note: this requires GB tokens that accrue over time). The Head Sister selection gets committed on-chain, which does two things: 1) determines the single portrait that will display on Opensea, 2) acts as a vote that narrows the pool of real world creatives who get invited to collaborate with the GB Project.

Why GBs Use the B-word

There are many definitions of the word bitch, some positive and some negative. The positive ones (Bitch with a capital B) are used as a term of endearment amongst female friends, or to describe a powerful woman (see Cardi B, Beyonce, Tina Fey, Madonna, etc.’s use of the word). The origins of the word also refer to strength: Artemis, the powerful Greek goddess of the wilderness, the hunt, fertility, and the moon, is believed to have originally inspired the use of the word.

The negative version of the word (bitch with a lower-case b) deserves to be retired amongst people who love women in 2021. If you’re supportive of what we’re doing, but not comfortable using the word, just call this the GB project. And thank you for the support!

The GBs are Coming Soon

Charitable Focus Areas: Sisterhood, Healing, Connection & Creative Expression

If we are lucky enough to have success with this project, our first task will be to distribute bonuses to non-founding contributors to the project. After that, we will focus on the following, and all shall remain visible from the our charity wallet so that you can track our delivery on contributing to the following charitable causes:

  • Survivors of violent assault and other forms of trauma
  • Women and girls sisterhood organizations
  • Organizations that help people feel connected and supported
  • Organizations that help people find and express their inner identity
  • Organizations that help people express themselves creatively


Get Ready NYC Venice Dubai

Symbolic of Bolder Creative Legends

The GBs symbolize bold creative legends of the past who knew pain and made joy anyway. They want you to write your own story and defiantly ignore the haters.

The Story of the GBs Will Unfold

The GB Sisterhood has an origin story encoded in the images.

How the Glitchy Bitches Badass Muses Emotional Alchemists were born

Artist Statement: Drawing the GBs Gave Me Strength In Real Life

Hello Friends!

I grew up making art, studied design, worked in fashion, then became an academic and have been teaching design at Harvard University for the past ten years. Fast-forward to 2020, when the pandemic brought me, like so many others, to my knees with heavy personal losses. But that dark moment had a silver lining: it led me to the realization that I was not living the creative life I yearned for and that had to change. As everything crumbled around me, I turned to the one thing that has always made me feel better: making art. 

I was initially trying to cope by imagining and drawing stronger women, guardian angels of sorts who would help me toughen up and get through painful experiences past and present. Drawing GBs became a form of resistance against things I’d bottled up and needed to finally let go to find myself again. I no longer wanted to try to be ‘serious’ or ‘Harvard’ anymore, but to be free to be feminine and artsy and into fashion and pop culture without being seen as weak. Drawing inspiration from the persistence of badass female artists like Hilma af Klint and Frida Kahlo who knew pain yet chose art, the first GBs emerged as unapologetically strong feminine art spirits. And I love colorful everything and nail art. So I made the GBs way more colorful than humans, and gave them dazzling nail colors, and all this made me very happy! At that time, there were still only about a dozen GBs. 

As I drew more of them, gnarly past experiences I’d buried started to surface, and I needed to finally deal with them. The hardest scar I faced was that I’ve been violently assaulted before and still have trouble speaking about it. So I drew the GBs as fierce fighters with special powers to go back in time and give me – and people like me – extra strength. I wanted the GBs to be loud and fearless and for them to teach me to be less timid. Most importantly, I wanted them to never feel alone in battle like I did. This is why no GB is ever alone. Each ‘one’ is actually an inseparable band of six strong, badass sisters.

Making the GBs helped me imagine a more supportive world, and that helped me heal old wounds and find myself again. At some point, it began to feel like the GBs were taking on a life of their own as a collective that represented what I craved more of in my life: sisterhood, strength, femininity, and connection. Adding code sped up the process of growing the GB family into something much larger. After the art was done, in real life, things got better, too. I finally mustered the courage to speak up where I needed to heal deep hurts. And I also resigned from Harvard. The time had come to move on and make room for art to fill my life again.

The GBs have already given their gift to me, and soon they will no longer be mine to hold. My hope is that future GB holders will feel some of the healing that lies at the heart of this project, and that their unique GB will be like a guardian angel and creative muse for their own needs. The GBs are intended to be ‘emotional alchemists’ who turn pain into creative fuel and bring joy to their holders. Remember that GBs are never really ‘owned’ any more than an angel or a muse can be. They hold you as much as you hodl them :). May they go on to inspire many holders to rediscover their weird, glitchy selves, to bravely face their unresolved pains, and to find creative ways to transmute the suffering that they have experienced into art and beauty and joy. 



We are all glitchy bitches inside.

Designed by 107 artists from around the world, each Glitchy Bitch represents a rare one-of-a-kind work of art. The responsive NFT sale is the first phase of a larger show involving the sales of physical art from the headline artists in New York, and culminating in a showing at the Biennale during the summer of 2022 in Venice. 

Every GB is mysterious can transform has personality

NFT Technical Innovation 

The GBs are the first portraits ‘who’ transform for you, reacting to your custom requests. Our proprietary technology ushers in the next generation of digital art: responsive NFTs. As the relationship develops between a GB and her holder, there will be opportunities to use custom tokens to make requests of each portrait.

The GB then decides how to respond to the request, based on her muse personality. Sometimes she’ll go along with it or suggest something to you. Other times she’ll get angry, and occasionally she’ll just glitch. Should she go along with a request, these changes will typically make her even more rare – and occasionally will include unique elements from well-known artists that will never be featured in any other artwork. With our unique responsive NFT technology, now every collector may own a one-of-a-kind NFT artwork that has the potential for so much more. 

If you own a GB NFT, you can claim the tokens accumulated by your NFT. Each accumulates 5,000 tokens per year. If you participate in the initial contribution period, you receive an additional 2,500 tokens. To make a request of your GB, you send 2,500 tokens (about six months of NFT emission) to the GB contract and burn them. 

Phase 1: Glitchy Bitches NFTs

May 2021: NFT Sale of 10,101 GBs

Phase One features 10,101 digital portraits made by participating artists from around the world, with secret participation by our headlining artists, all of whom have exhibited in major museums around the world.

Phase 2: Headline Artists

NYC Summer ‘21: Reveal and Exhibit of Headlining Artists

Phase Two is all about our Headlining Artists. Throughout the NFT sale we will be unveiling the identities of individual headline artists. Once all of the identities of our headline artists have been revealed, an exhibit of their original works that have never been seen before, including in Phase One, will be shown in New York. 

Phase 3: Exhibit Physical Art

Venice Spring ’22: Exhibition of Entire Project and Headlining Artists’ Physical Works

Phase Three takes place at the Venice Biennale, and marks our headlining artists’ first time together in a major art exhibition.

Phase 4: Auction Physical Art

Dubai Summer ’22: Auction of Headlining Artists’ Physical Artworks

In the fourth and final phase, we auction the physical masterpieces from this project. To participate in the auction, a prospective buyer must demonstrate ‘proof of bitch’, ensuring that the auction is limited exclusively to owners of a Glitchy Bitch NFT.

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